Indoor Office Plant Rental - West Palm Beach, FL

Foliage Design Systems creates beautiful indoor arrangements of greens and unique orchid arrangements. We now offer our customers the option to lease plants, which makes it easy to decorate your office or business with indoor office plants while staying within budget. Our plant rental can help you beautify your space with natural foliage while still being affordable and low maintenance.


Foliage Design Systems services clients in the West Beach FL area. Plant leasing and indoor office plants can help you bring the beauty of the outdoors into your interior design. Our designs are both attractive and eco-friendly. Your clients and employees will love being surrounded by green!


Contact us today to get started. We’ll give you a free consultation and our team will design a beautiful indoor arrangement of orchids and green plants just for you! We’ll handle the installation and the maintenance, while you’ll reap the benefits of clean air and environmentally friendly design!