Wellington & Stuart FL

There are so many advantages to bringing the outdoors in, from improving air quality to beautifying a space. Foliage Design Systems Palm Beach specializes in providing home and business owners with foliage design services in an interior setting, and helping to achieve the desired aesthetic they are looking for.  

The following can be achieved with Foliage Design Systems Palm Beach when you use our professional interiorscape services in Wellington and Stuart, FL:

  • Add some life and energy into your home with new plants
  • Decorate your office building with gorgeous orchids and bromeliad flowers
  • Improve the quality of air in your commercial buildings with tropical plants
  • Boost productivity in the office by providing a better work environment

While the weather is always great in Florida, it can get very hot at times, forcing people to spend their days stuck inside and without the pleasures of a tropical landscape. But when you work with Foliage Design Systems Palm Beach, this won’t be problematic for you. We have experience when it comes to designing foliage systems inside of homes, businesses, buildings, and more. You can add something as small as a few potted plants or add an entire indoor garden filled with tropical trees and flowers. Foliage Design Systems Palm Beach can show you the options we have available and then design something specific to your home or business.

Foliage Design Systems Palm Beach will work with you every step of the way as you seek to bring the outdoors in. Our services include:

  • Design services and installation
  • Maintenance and lease programs
  • Eco-friendly and LEED eligible planters
  • Holiday décor and so much more

We have been offering our services for more than 30 years and know what it takes to find the right plants for our clients in Wellington and Stuart, FL. We offer help on how to care for these plants so that they can maintain the desired look of their home or business.

You can add outdoor elements to any home or business today by getting in touch with Foliage Design Systems Palm Beach. Give us a call at 561-784-5040 to discover more about our interior landscaping services.