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Blossom Creativity in the Workplace

Creativity is around every corner and the wonderful thing about it is that it can be sparked in the blink of an eye, whether it be from a certain color, a scent, an object or even a plant. Yes that’s right – nature can not only greatly effect a person’s health, stress-level and overall well-being,… Read more »

How Indoor Plants Can Act As Air Purifiers

When most people think about incorporating live, indoor plants into their décor, they are thinking about it from an aesthetic point of view. Now while most plants are, of course, absolutely gorgeous and do wonders when it comes to making a space come alive, that’s not all that they’re good for. Taking it back to… Read more »

Green Holiday Gift Ideas = Sustainable Future

I recently accepted a challenge to purchase at least 10% of my holiday gifts with the made in the USA label. Wow – a much harder task than I imagined.  If you’re committed to restoring the economy to it’s historical prominence.